Friday, April 20, 2018

Office trip during CNY holiday

Every year we organizing an office trip during Chinese New Year holiday.

This year is our 4th year going for a road trip wih our colleagues. Some of them my close friends and some a newbie. Although, not all of our colleague can join for the trip because some of them celebrating Chinese New Year.

Its the only time our company shutdown for 3 days, we work for Chinese organisation.

Our first road trip was in long house in Kudat. I would say, its was our best trip because a lot of my officemate join the trip.

What make its more memorable, there was no internet connection during our stay in long house. So, no one was busy playing with the phone, either to update Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. 

We spend most of the time playing traditional game called 'batu seremban', doing a magunatip dance (dance with bamboo sticks), its a traditional Murut dance in Sabah.

At midnight we were busy talked about any office related stories. Sharing jokes and everythings, lastly we talk about ghost stories. Sharing ghost stories at midnight definitely not a good decision.

End up, most of us sleeping at the corridor of the long house instead of sleep in the room provided. Since, there was no other guest at that time, the whole balcony & rooms belong to us.
took this memorable picture before we check out from the resort

We stay at Bavangazo Longhouse for RM50 per person including dinner & breakfast.

It was a good experience for the kids to experience kampung life, staying at bamboo long house without televisyen & tablet in their hand.

My colleague bring their kids during the trip. They had fun during the 2D 1N trip in Kudat.

After Kudat, we went for a trip to Mahua Waterfall, Tambunan & last year was in Manis Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort, Banjaran Crocker.

Enough with throwback story of our first office trip in Kudat. This year, we went to Dragon Pearl Beach Resort, Kota Belud.

Its located 1 ½ hour drive from Kota Kinabalu. The resort is a private beach that belonged to local people in Kampung Mangkabar in Jalan Kampung Pituru Laut.

The whole long house cost us RM639 for 12 pax excluding food.

The resort offers different type of house including tree house, long house & beach hut. The beach scenery & accommodation is good.

the kids enjoying themselves playing with sand

My nephew very shy with a camera

Unique Tree House

The only problem with this resort is their rule for not allowing guest to make a noise after 10pm.

I know they don't want other people to be disturbed especially foreigners who stay at the resort, but this is a place where people want to enjoy their holiday.

Implementing such rules prevent us to stay outside and barbecue till late night.

I’m not complaining about their rules, I just stated my opinion as a guest.

Despite the rules, we do have fun while staying and enjoying the facilities & accommodation in the resort.

Among other activity for guest including diving, snorkelling and banana boat ride.

I did not dive during that trip because of some difficulties at that time.

Overall it was a great trip with new people joining in. Hopefully this trip will be our tradition.

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