Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yeah got free ticket to board a cruise

Went to a launching of Star Cruises new office here in Kota Kinabalu and brought back a free ticket for 4 days 3 nights Penang-Phuket-Krabi is like a dream for me..never crossed in my mind to board a cruise

I had never thought that I can have a vacation by boarding a cruise..as for me its too expensive compare to travel by airplane. Although I love to travel but......to board a cruise for vacation is something that I cannot afford..

Now I have to plan for my last minutes vacation..Luckily I still have annual leaves which is 4 days left..Insyallah will boarding a cruise for the first time with my colleague as the ticket is for two persons.

Gonna have a great experience ever..hopefully everything goes well..will try to book airasia cheap fares and travel to Penang before year-end.

The departure for Star Cruise Libra is from Penang, so I have to booking KK-Penang ticket first before enjoy the free vacation on cruise.

The ticket will be expired by Jan 1, 201. Meaning to say, I have to travel before year-end..wish me have a safe and great vacation..Thailand here I come:)

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