Friday, June 27, 2014

Next vacation?

Since there is no vacation for this year, I didn't have much to write in this blog

I did plan go to Korea for this year but....the plan was cancel due to some reason..

What a boring life when there is no vacation for the whole year...Even I do set a target to travel once a year but I could't make it for this's time to save money for the next vacation

so, what next? I booked an airfare go to Guilin, China early next year (2015). What a risk during winter in China is not recommended especially for people like me who can't stay long in cold room..

So, this is my challenge to travel during cold weather..I read on the blogs, the possibility of snow falls in Guilin is very low so, need not to worry about snow..I'm just gonna prepare for wind breaker or thick shirts

Ok back to real life, Ramadan is coming very soon, which is 1 more day...Salam Ramadan everyone, hope this Ramadan will bring lots of meaning for all of us...

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